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访问学者博士后在线面试实录|Online Interview with a Professor
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  Online Interview with a Professor


  If you are planning to pursue a post-doc or visiting scholar position abroad, it is very likely that you will need to have an online interview with a professor. Here is an example of short dialogue between a professor and an applicant that you may use as a reference:


  A: Applicant 申请人

  B: Host Professor 主持教授

  Topic: Biochemistry & Chemical Biology  生物化学和化学生物学


  A: Hello, am I speaking to Prof. Addams?

  A: 您好,请问是亚当斯教授吗?

  B: Yes, this is Prof. Addams speaking, nice talking to you Prof. Liu.

  B: 对的,我是亚当斯教授,刘教授,很高兴和您通话。

  A: It is my honor to talk to you professor.

  A: 能和您通话是我的荣幸。

  B: So tell me, why have you chosen our laboratory for your visit?

  B:  那么,能和我讲一下您为什么会选择我们实验室吗?

  A: The laboratory in the department of Biochemistry & Chemical Biology in Cornell University is worldwide famous for its state-of-the-art technology, and particularly for its research on the structure and molecular mechanisms of cell surface receptors that operate in immunological and other responses. My research also focuses on this, so I would like to be part of similar projects developed in your lab.

  A:  康奈尔大学生物化学与化学生物学系的实验室凭借其业内最前沿的技术而闻名于世,尤其在免疫和其他反应中的细胞表面受体结构和分子机制方面的研究。而我的研究也集中在这方面,所以我想加入您实验室开展的类似的研究项目。

  B: What knowledge or skills do you expect to acquire during your time in our Lab?

  B: 那在我们实验室进行研究期间,您想学哪些方面的技能或知识呢?

  A: I hope I have the chance to develop my capabilities and obtain insights about complex cellular responses.

  A: 我希望能够提高在复杂细胞反应方面的研究能力,并在这方面获得更深入的认识。

  B: Great. Talk to me about your research experience.

  B: 很好,可以给我讲一下您的研究经历吗?

  A: I have worked in several research projects regarding signaling pathways initiated by the receptor (FceRI).  On my last project, my research team had 46 people. We studied the role of cellular membranes in targeting cellular responses for 3 years, and I was in charge of experiments design and collection of data.


  B: That’s good to hear, we have similar on-going research projects compatible with your research experience. Do you have any funding for your visit?

  B: 那很好啊,我们正在进行的有类似的课题和您研究经历非常匹配。这期间您有资金支持吗?

  A: Yes, I’ve applied for funding from my local government and was awarded a grant for my studies abroad.

  A: 有的,我已经成功申请到了我们当地政府的研究资金,以供我在海外进行研究。

  B: Great. I think that’s all for today. Do you have any questions for me?


  A: Yes, I would like you know when I should expect to hear from you regarding my application and the results of our interview.

  A: 是的,我想知道什么时候可以知道我的面试结果呢?

  B: The committee will review your application based on our interview, and we will let you know within 7 working days if you have been admitted to our lab.

  B: 委员会还需要基于这次的面试进行进一步评审,我们会在7个工作日内告知您面试结果。

  A: Ok, thank you very much for your time Prof. Adams. I look forward to your comments, have a nice day.

  A: 好的,非常感谢您的时间,亚当斯教授。期待您的反馈,祝您愉快。

  B: You’re welcome. Talk to you soon. Goodbye.

  B: 不用谢,下次再聊,再见。

  A: Goodbye

  A: 再见。


  è In this case the applicant was both polite and professional.

  è Most of the times the interviewer will need to see you, so wear semi-formal clothes and choose a calm and organized place to have the interview.

  è Always remember to keep a good attitude and prepare beforehand. Good luck!

  è 在这个面试中,申请人的表现很有礼貌,也很专业。.

  è 大多数情况下,面试官会要求看到您本人,所以着半正装,并且选择一个安静有序的面试地点也很重要。

  è 面试时,切记要保持良好的态度,并提前做好准备。祝您好运!

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